Finding Comfort and Style in Womenis Activewear


To many women, the battle of feeling comfortable and purposeful in a gym, not just in everyday life, is that of dressing. Beyond all these, clothing must flatter us and to get all these characteristics in a perfect clothing can sometimes seem so complicated. This Cosmolle handout will have you dressed to impress and run on your conquests giving comfort and style!

The basis for the perfect activewear is convenient. Here are some key factors to consider:

       Fabrics: Prefer breathable fabric and fabrics with good properties of quick-drying, and for example, polyester, nylon, and blends with spandex. Such fabrics with allow your skin to breath and help eliminate moisture accumulation, thus keeping you feeling fresh and comfortable irrespective of the number of reps you perform. 

        Fit: Your seamless crossover leggings sportswear should feel as if it was for you, not holding your body, free to roam. Opt for such items that perfectly fit to all curves of your body, not pinching your body anywhere and not being too tight. Go for anything with air pockets that cushions your body and don't have abrasive elements that can cause chafing.

       Support: If you like high-impact activities that involve lots of running or jumping, you certainly need a sports bra that is full of the right support. Match the band and the straps together, one should be the easiest to grasp and adjusted to the height.  


Finding Your Style: Types of Activewear

You know what the better side is? There's a wide variety of styles available to suit your taste and workout preferences:

       Leggings: Legging as a thread that connects so many fashion options together is becoming a roll in the fair play of the modern women fashion. The length of high waisted leggings can be anything (full length, cropped or capri) and waistline too (high, mid or low). Consider meshes panels for another option of breathability.

       Sports Bras: One of the biggest benefits of sports bras is their availability at varying levels of low, medium and high impact support. They also come in a plethora of styles such as racer back, encapsulation and compression.



       Shorts: Some of the shorts for bikes, run, or longer workout shorts are good for some people according to their personal taste. Select the type you would like to be sufficiently covered, and would prefer to get enough breathability for the activity which you are going to do.

Creating Stylish Looks

Here are some tips to incorporate style into your activewear choices:

       Mix and Match: Nothing complicated, put together the patterns and colors you want. Combine textures with a mesh tank top and leggings in solid color of your choice.

       Accessorize: Step up your styles with a chic headband, a pair of eye-catchers, or a nicest one.

       Layering: Put on a long sleeve legging set on top of tank top for colder temperatures. Or just drape a moisture absorbing short around the waist for a sporty effect. 

        Shoes: Having the right shoes to complete the real deal of your activewear ensemble is a must-have. When making a shoe purchasing decision, keep in mind the purpose of your purchase. Don’t hesitate to go for an outspoken color or a pair with unique details- what you wear will enhance your overall look.

Confidence sets the tone for the entire look. A part that becomes easier to complete is when you will have a nice feeling due to your outfit and it will also bring your confidence to level up while you are working out. In summary, dress up in a shirt or blouse according to your body shape, experiment with styles, and ultimately, enjoy creating outfits that make you feel happy.

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